ASL Classifier

Detecting different American Sign Language letters

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LabelBox is a website that helps manage data more efficiently for model training and access multiple data sets for AI products. We used LabelBox as a tool to label over 10,000 images for our project.

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YOLO, which stands for 'You Only Look Once', is a algorithm that has the ability to detect various objects in a picture. YOLO is one of the most popular detection algorithms used around the globe and is extremely fast. The base YOLO model is able to process images at 45 fps, while Fast YOLO operates at 155 fps. 

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AI Camp

AI camp is a 3 week course where your taught how to use python and how to implement those skills into creating an AI. You also learn how to work well with others and over come challenges together. Over all AI camp is a great camp and fun place.

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Our Motive

Our team chose an ASL classifier as our product because we decided to create something that would benefit those who do not understand ASL or who want to learn it. Not many people today know ASL compared to other languages, so we decided that creating this product would serve a good aid for the people who need it 

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