Our Team

A team of 6 programmers with a huge passion for technology 

Jerry Chang

Currently a rising junior at Mission San Jose High School. Jerry enjoys playing video games and practicing his alto saxophone 

Sean Kim

A rising sophomore at Oxford Academy. Sean enjoys reading books, playing the piano, and tennis..

Aditya Dubey

Aditya is a rising sophmore at John P Stevens High school. His hobbies include playing the clarinet, coding, and reading.

Srivanth Reddy

A rising sophomore at Briar Woods high school, I enjoy reading, biking, and playing tennis

Francisco Castro

Sophomore at Lindblom Math and Science Academy. I enjoy learning about STEM, reading, sleeping, and playing video games.

Nahom Ezra

Hi my name is Nahom and I'm a sophomore at Mountlake terrace high school. I play the tenor saxophone, I play football for my high school, and I play videogames

Jessica Wang

Sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University. Jessica enjoys fishing, piano, and AI.